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Components Business
The Components Business Segment consists of four businesses:


1. Cummins Filtration

2. Cummins Turbo Technologies

3. Cummins Emission Solutions

4. Cummins Fuel Systems


Cummins Filtration

Designs, manufactures and distributes heavy-duty air, fuel, hydraulic and lube filtration, chemicals and exhaust system technology products for diesel and gas-powered equipment.

Cummins Filtration website, www.cumminsfiltration.com
Cummins Turbo Technologies
Designs and manufactures turbochargers and related products, on a global scale, for diesel engines above 3 liters.
Cummins Turbo Technologies website, www.holset.co.uk
Cummins Emission Solutions
Develops and supplies catalytic exhaust systems and related products to the medium-and heavy-duty commercial diesel engine markets. The exhaust systems include packaging of catalytic exhaust systems, engineered aftertreatment components and system integration services for engine manufacturers.
Cummins Emission Solution  website, www.cumminsemissionsolutions.com. 
Cummins Fuel Systems
Designs, develops and manufactures new fuel systems and remanufactures electronic control modules in the United States. In Mexico, it remanufactures Cummins fuel systems and others. This business services engines ranging from 9 to 78 liters.