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Power Generation
Cummins Power Generation is a worldwide provider of electrical generators and power generation systems, components and services in standby power, distributed power generation, as well as auxiliary power in mobile applications to meet the needs of a diversified customer base. Cummins Power Generation products include diesel and alternative-fueled electrical generator sets from 2.5 to 2,700 kW, alternators from 0.6 KVA to 30,000 KVA, transfer switches from 40 amps to 4,000 amps, paralleling switchgear and generator set controls.

Product Lines

Cummins Power Generation
Brand products include power systems and related accessories, components and services including the pre-integrated PowerCommand system, plus diesel and natural gas generator sets, transfer switches, and switchgear used in commercial facilities for emergency backup and prime power. Cummins Power Generation is also a worldwide supplier of rental generator sets and related services.


To learn more visit,
Cummins Power Generation business website, power.cummins.com



Cummins Onan
Branded products are designed, manufactured and distributed by Cummins Power Generation. Cummins Onan products are available for recreational vehicle, marine, commercial mobile, residential and portable applications.


To learn more visit,
Cummins Onan website, power.cummins.com



Cummins Generator Technologies
Formerly The Newage AVK SEG Group, produces and markets AC Generators from 0.6 to 30000 kVA, complete electrical equipment for power stations up to 200 MW, products for optimized power quality, inverters for wind power systems, rotating UPS Systems, protection and control systems for low and medium voltage.


To learn more visit,
Cummins Generator Technologies website, www.stamford-avk.com



Cummins G-Drive
Offers an unrivalled range of engine configurations for generator set original equipment manufacturers(OEM) with over 50 ratings at both 50 Hz and 60 Hz for standby, prime unlimited and base power.


To learn more visit, 
Cummins G-drive website, www.cumminsgdrive.com